Jay Bingaman

Jay Bingaman

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Username * jbingman
Country * USA
City Wheat Ridge
Nationality Deranged



Though I’ve toyed with 3D and art for several years, I’ve only just recently had the opportunity to work with a production company based out of Denver, CO and ‘get under the wing’ of Mark from there. His guidance has taken my ‘hobby’ to a profession in a matter of years!

Recent works have been graphic, design, and video for shows like the 25th Annual Great American Beer Festival (awards opening video), the 20th annual CRCNA conference (backdrop, keynote opening videos, TD), and a game show take-off called ‘Who Wants to be a College Student’ (video production, design, and TD).

When I’m not working, it’s hanging out with my wonderful daughter and cooking (the TV is usually off at our place!), going out for coffee with friends, or playing in a pool league that my girlfriend talked me into LOL.

Professionally I work with small to large scale audio and video equipment for conferences of up to a few thousand people at a time with very little room for error. Personally I’ve served on planning committees or volunteered in various non-profit organizations that reach out and help others.